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Rules of procedure


So that the school year of your child is successful, that the rights of the child are respected, in particular the right to respect, the right to education and the right to protection;

In order to allow the development of the personality and the competences of each one and to prepare the pupils to become responsible, respectful and tolerant citizens;

So that teachers and all staff, whatever their function and origin, can work in the best conditions, with respect for their work and their person;

So that neutrality, secularism, work, tolerance, equality and respect are the values ​​and principles that everyone, child and adult, will defend and uphold;

Anyone working within the establishment undertakes to respect and ensure that these regulations are respected.

We invite you, students and parents, to ensure that the establishment’s rules are scrupulously respected, which complement the common sense measures that everyone will demonstrate.

Registration and prices


For any registration, a preliminary interview if possible in the presence of the child is necessary with the educational manager or the head of the establishment.



Download and complete the registration form: click here

Return the completed form by clicking at the bottom of the completed form.

The requested documents are to be attached to your shipment.
Please note that any incomplete file not accompanied by payment of the registration fee will not be taken into account.

Conditions of admission:

Any non-French speaking student will have to take a language level test. In addition, an interview with the family will be organized in order to define the project and the motivation for the process.

Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis and subject to the approval of the teaching team.
For French-speaking children without a notice to move to a higher class or a certificate issued by a French establishment, a level test is compulsory.

French obligation:

For any registration, a radiation certificate is required as well as the complete school record from the previous school..


Registrations for the CNED are made directly at the school (from 3rd year).

RATES 2021/2022

• Annual administrative fee: 5,000 THB
(to be paid on the day of registration including compulsory insurance)
• Supply costs: 6,000 THB from kindergarten to year 9
4.000 THB from year 10 to year 13
• Uniforms: 4,000 THB for any new registration - renewal on request
  • Kindergarten
  • ฿ 145k
  • Payment in 1 installment

    145,000 THB

    Payment in 5 installments
    5 x 29 000 THB

  • Elementary
  • ฿ 170k
  • Payment in 1 installment
    170 000 THB

    Payment in 5 installments
    5 x 34 000 THB

  • Middle School
  • ฿ 180k
  • Payment in 1 installment
    180 000 THB(1)(2)(3)

    Payment in 5 installments
    5 x 36 000 THB

  • Second
  • ฿ 190k
  • Payment in 1 installment
    190 000 THB(2)

    Payment in 5 installments
    5 x 38 000 THB

  • First
  • ฿ 210k
  • Payment in 1 installment
    210 000 THB(2)(3)

    Payment in 5 installments
    5 x 42 000 THB

  • Terminale
  • ฿ 220k
  • Payment in 1 installment
    220 000 THB(2)(3)

    Payment in 5 installments
    5 x 44 000 THB

A 10% reduction in school fees is applied to the payment of the 2nd child or more.

(1) Textbooks billed additionally (new prices, note that textbooks can be purchased second-hand during the end-of-year book fair)

(2) To which will be added the CNED registration fees (from the 3rd)
(3)To which will be added the examination fees, national diploma of the patent (DNB) and baccalaureate, invoiced by the French International School of Bangkok (LFIB).


School pickup possible (by period) : 8 000 THB

A period that has started is due in full and will not be reimbursed in the event of a request to stop the service during the period.


School catering

Kindergarten (1) – 4 meals / week 12500 THB or 5 x 2500 THB

Primary (1) – 4 meals / week 14000 THB or 5 x 2800 THB

Secondary – 5 meals / week 17500 THB or 5 x 3500 THB

(1) Supplement of 625 or 700 THB/period if extra-curricular activities on Wednesday afternoon.


Extra-curricular activity

Football, multisports, swimming, boxing in any style, badminton …

Theater, Choir, musical awakening …

Language courses – preparation for certifications


Prices depending on the activities offered at the start of the year. Get closer to the administration.