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School cycles

Classes are limited in size. This limitation ensures the pedagogical quality for each of the students. The teacher thus has much more time to devote to each student and can thus answer all the questions a child has during their schooling. Teaching from kindergarten to grade 4 is direct, for grade 3 and high school teachers use CNED lessons. (See registrations and prices)

Nursery school: a single cycle, fundamental for everyone's success

Appropriation of language, lexical field enriched in three languages, discovery of writing, preparation for reading and writing, discovery and mastery of one’s body and its environment, awareness of the arts, becoming a student.

Daily learning of English and Thai languages.

The school refoundation law creates a single cycle for nursery school and emphasizes its fundamental place as a first step in ensuring the success of all students in a school that is fair for all and demanding for everyone. This schooling time, although not compulsory, establishes the educational and pedagogical foundations on which the future learning of students rests and develops for their entire schooling.

Kindergarten is a caring school, even more so than the later stages of the school career. Its main mission is to make children want to go to school to learn, assert and develop their personality. It is based on a fundamental principle: all children are able to learn and grow. By showing confidence in each child, kindergarten commits them to having confidence in their own power to act and think, in their ability to learn and succeed in school and beyond …

Read the details of the official cycle 1 programs

Primary school and its areas

Languages for thinking and communicating

Methods and tools for learning

The training of the person and the citizen

Natural systems and technical systems

Representations of the world and human activity

Cycle 2: the cycle of fundamental learning (CP, CE1-2)

To learn in school is to question the world. It is also acquiring specific languages, acquisitions for which the mere fact of growing up is not enough. Cycle 2 covers the period from CP to CE2, thus offering the duration and consistency necessary for progressive and demanding learning. In cycle 2, all the teachings question the world. The mastery of languages, and in particular of the French language, is the priority …

Read the details of the official cycle 2 programs

Cycle 3: the consolidation cycle (CM1 - CM2, 6e)

Cycle 3 now links the last two years of primary school and the first year of middle school, with a stronger concern for pedagogical continuity and consistency of learning in the service of the acquisition of a common base of knowledge, skills and culture. . This cycle has a double responsibility: to consolidate the fundamental learning which was initiated in cycle 2 and which conditions subsequent learning; allow a better transition between primary school and college by ensuring continuity and progressiveness between the three years of the cycle.

Read the details of the official cycle 3 programs

Cycle 4: the deepening cycle (5th, 4th, 3rd)

Cycle 3 of schooling ended with the first year of college. Students gradually got used to a new educational organization and new teaching rhythms, to living in a new setting that they learned to decode and understand. They continue to develop skills in the different disciplines and in transversal courses. These skills, regularly assessed and validated at the end of the cycle, will allow them to develop personally, to continue their studies and to continue to be trained throughout their life, as well as to integrate into society and to participate, as citizens, to its evolution. The entire teaching and educational team contributes to the development of these skills.

Read the details of the official cycle 4 programs

High school: general education

Preparation for internationally recognized official exams:

  • National Brevet Diploma at the end of cycle 4
  • General Baccalaureate any specialization

The programs studied are those defined for each secondary class in the Official Bulletin of National Education.

Language certifications

Cambridge for English

DELF all levels for French

2021/2022 school calendar

Pre-entry for teachers: Wednesday 1st September 2021

Start of the school year: Thursday 2nd September 2021

All Saints’ Day: from Saturday 18th October 2021 to Sunday 7th November 2021

Christmas: from Saturday 18th December 2021 to Sunday 9th January 2022

Winter: from Saturday 19th February 2022 to Sunday 27th February 2022

Spring: from Saturday 9th April 2022 to Sunday 24th April 2022

End of the year: Thursday 30th June 2022


Wednesday 13th October 2021
Commemoration day of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Monday 6th December 2021
Father’s Day

Thursday 2nd June 2022
Labor day recovery (1st May 2022)

Friday 3rd June 2022
Queen Suthida’s Birthday