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EFIP – Welcome Thailand

  /  EFIP – Welcome Thailand

Ecole Française Internationale de Pattaya


Possibilité d’obtenir des bourses scolaires

De la maternelle à la terminale avec un certificat de scolarité officiel

Préparation au bac général et professionnel

De nombreuses activités sportives, artistiques et culturelles

Enseignement du français, de l’anglais, du thaïlandais et du chinois

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+66 (0) 8 79 22 14 10

Lundi au vendredi de 8h00 à 16h00

58/31 Moo 3 Pattaya, Huay Yai, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150


The French school, approved by the French Ministry of National Education, is located in Huay Yai, east of Pattaya (see map).

The school, recently built on 15,000 m², can accommodate up to 400 pupils from the small section of kindergarten to the final year.

The establishment, a partner of the aefe (Agency for French Education Abroad) offers all French-speaking children or not the opportunity to attend school in accordance with the requirements of French national programs.

Students benefit from the objectives and organizational rules of the French education system, which allows them to return to normal schooling if they return to France, or to continue their studies abroad after the baccalaureate.

With its strengths, efip offers the possibility of learning several modern languages ​​(English, Chinese, Thai) in addition to French, which is the main language of study. This learning is validated within the official framework of the French exams (DNB and baccalaureate) and also by internationally recognized official certifications (in accordance with the European framework for modern languages).

Through French-style education, in an international context, we want to offer efip students a methodological, conceptual, intellectual framework, a general culture and a sense of autonomy and initiative that allow them to s ” adapt to an increasingly complex and constantly changing world.

It is in this sense that all efip staff is mobilized on a daily basis.


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the Agency for French Education Abroad


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Nos différences…

Education à l’environnement

Every day we make children aware of respect for the environment and citizenship. The school is equipped with solar panels to reduce energy costs as well as a borehole. The children take care of their vegetable garden on a daily basis and ensure selective sorting.

Notre section professionnelle

We offer our high school students a vocational baccalaureate focused on sales, commerce and hospitality (tourism, real estate, catering, hotels, etc.) in partnership with French and foreign companies who welcome them during internships.

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Évènements scolaires

A great initiative from the town hall of Huay Yai in collaboration with an association of rescuers which has enabled some sixty children from the neighborhood to learn the first steps of first aid and swimming. It was with pleasure that we welcomed them.