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A peaceful, beautiful and safe environment A magnificent playground with a cycle path Highly trained native speaking teachers

Learning, growing and succeeding together

  • A school where children learn autonomy, self-expression and develop their creativity
  • A school providing a caring environment where activities are based on playing, creating, discovering and exploring
  • A school where children begin to learn reading, writing and arithmetic
  • A school that prepares children for the demands of primary school

An adapted

  • Spaces and equipment specifically designed for young children
  • An educational project offering school and after-school activities in accordance with the children’s stages of development
  • A peaceful, beautiful and safe environment
  • A magnificent playground with a cycle path

Committed staff for every child

  • Highly trained teachers in the field of young age child development
  • Special educational needs and requirements taken into account
  • A shared educational responsibility with parents and guardians
  • A transparent communication on your child’s learning progress

Discover languages and cultures

  • A cultural and linguistic curriculum taught primarily in English
  • An early introduction to foreign languages and cultures (Thai, Chinese and more according to demand)
  • An enhanced interest in the language and culture of Thailand
  • Native speaking teachers

A word from our Director - David Micallef

From an early age, encouraging and developing
the pleasure of learning.

Our school is part of the largest network of
international schools worldwide. Opting for
our school is making the choice of a humanist
education for your child, faithful to the values
of liberty, equality, fraternity and promoting
cultural and linguistic diversity. Our school offers
you the possibility of educating your child from
nursery school, from 3 years old.

Indeed, we consider it important that children
can develop their early learning skills in an
educational environment, with highly trained
teachers, in order to build their confidence for
primary school and beyond. This is the reason
why this kindergarten (early learning) education
has now become so important for young children

By choosing to enroll your child in EFIP (Pattaya
International School) from kindergarten, you are
giving them the chance to grow harmoniously
in a caring environment, perfectly adapted to
his or her needs. It also means giving your child
the chance to start learning languages, skills,
cultures progressively and efficiently.
Please come and see yourself !