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French Embassy – Scholarships

Pupils of French nationality can benefit from a scholarship from the small kindergarten section, if they are at least 3 years old in the calendar year of the start of the school year. This scholarship is issued by the Agency for French Education Abroad (A.E.F.E.), after consultation with the local Scholarship Commission. Help can be requested for school fees, canteen, transport. The request is made for each school year (there is no automatic renewal from one year to the next).
A second commission takes place in October, for new residents and for families who applied for a scholarship in February, whose situation has changed dramatically. These families inform the accounting department of their application, so that a specific payment schedule can be offered to them.

The efip sends an email to families to inform them of the opening of each of the 2 stock market campaigns.

All information on educational assistance can be found on the website of the French Embassy.

You can contact the social service directly by :
– phone 02 657 5178 or 02 657 5150
– email address

Opening of the first scholarship campaign for the 2021-2022 school year

The forms and all the useful information can be viewed by clicking here

1.    Deadline for submitting applications by families: February 22, 2021
2.  Provisional date for the holding of the Consular Council in scholarship format: between April 4 and 25, 2021
3.  Meeting of the National Scholarship Commission and notification to families of the award decision: June 14, 2021

Those applying for a scholarship for the first time must first register in the register of French people living outside France have more info.

It is recommended to submit the complete application files for scholarships as soon as possible, by making an appointment with the social service. :
– directly by phone on 02 657 5178 or 79,
– by email
Please note, any incomplete file cannot be processed and any deposit after February 22, 2021 will be rejected.

With high demand approaching the deadline, don’t wait until the last minute to book an appointment!

For all the adjourned files and for all the families who have just arrived in Pattaya, a second campaign will take place in August 2021!



Every noon, a French service provider prepares a balanced and quality menu. French and Thai cuisine (main course and dessert). Meals are served in the dining room at 11:30 am for kindergarten, 11:45 am for primary and 12:30 pm for middle school / high school.
Menus are posted at school and sent to parents at the start of the week.
Children with special diets are invited to make themselves known.


We offer a paid school bus service See registrations and prices on Pattaya and its near periphery. Four secure and controlled mini vans provide this service. Limited places. Request to be made to the administrative service.

Outside school

Each year the school offers different extra-curricular activities depending on the number of registrants. Paid activities. Prices depending on the activities offered at the start of the year. Get closer to the administration.


  • Football, multisports, swimming, boxing in any style, badminton …
  • Theater, Choir, musical awakening …
  • Language courses – preparation for certifications

The establishment participates in competitions and events of the aefe network.

Each student receives a UNSS license.

ED (education) visas for Thailand.

Preparation for the tests for obtaining a Schengen visa.

Get closer to the administrative department